Alexandra Leykauf : Spanische Wand (2013) and more

I am preparing for the next study day’s Pecha Kucha and am following up some interest in what kind of object the photographic work results in – largely in relation to not having settled on any form for A1, Office at Night yet.

Leykauf (b 1976) is one of the artists featured in Charlotte Cotton’s (2015) Photography is Magic. (Wendy had bought a review copy of the book to the previous meeting and I got myself a copy because I was really intrigued in the ways in which the artists present their image-based practice… many of them work with installations on various scales, so while much of the images as such is a digital practice, there is a keen sense of materiality in the presentation of these).

Leykauf looks at images both structurally and emotionally, she states in the statement included at the end of Cotton’s book (p. 362). ‘It is an experience of simultaneous distance and immersion’, to allow for different viewpoints and to present something that is beyond the scope of the image, i.e. working centrally within what Cotton – possibly nostalgically and/or romantically – calls magic, the illusion of photography and an ability to emotionally engage, possibly even enchant?

Leykauf’s earlier photography, based on an analog process, involved, as Katoprische Experimente (2013) photographic reproductions of books, often open, these would be installed with a fold, either large-scale (to walk among them) or on a small scale.

These two images have occupied me for the afternoon:, they are small (21x23cm) and folded.


Cotton, C (2015) Photography is magic. New York: Aperture.

Lange, C (2012) ) The fold in the room.  Frieze, Issue 5, Summer 2012,; accessed 1 February 2016

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