Tutor report Assignment 6: revisions

Here is the final (brief) tutor report for the revisions assignment:


I am also copying the main points into this post as I will refer back to them in preparation for the March 2018 assessment.

Blog restructuring

AP: to add category Learning Log as top level category and subsume current top level categories Coursework and Reflection under it)

Assignment 1:

10×10 as print size would be appropriate but if I feel a bigger size is called for, I could do that too.

Assignment 2:

We discussed at some length the final album form. I talked about buying a ready-made contemporary photo album (but wanting empty pages on which I can position prints freely); Jesse suggested a vintage album and I talked about the various ones that I had already collected (either unused or emptied of previous photographs).

> these are the two options to explore first; if neither works satisfactorily, I will custom- made a hand-sewn album.


Assignment 3:

AP to check submission process but also to ensure that I include a print copy in the physical submission to OCA.

Assignment 4/5:

— as per last tutor report for revisions, notably: dedicated site; exploring separate audio track and exploring editing number down.

Assessment submission:

  • –  clamshell box for 1, 2, 3
  • –  and a single sheet that on one page spells out concisely the contribution of each

    assignment (including 4/5 as online submission) >> a succinct paragraph for each.

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